The FREEDOM eGEN System solution from XantrexTM is a lithium-ion battery-based power system that offers safe, clean, efficient onboard power with high power density and low operating cost. The system provides grid quality 120 V / 60 Hz true sine wave AC output and a steady DC battery output. The system supports charging from both the second alternator and shore power offering flexibility and fast recharge!

The FREEDOM eGEN System consists of the following core components:

 FREEDOM SW 3012 Inverter/Charger

 Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS)

 Lithium-ion Battery Module and Monitor

 Multi-Stage Voltage Regulator

 Auxiliary Alternator

 Conext ComBox for FREEDOM SW

 Optional Solar Integration of Solar Panels and Charge Controllers

The FREEDOM eGEN power system is the result of intense research, impeccable design, meticulous engineering, rigorous testing and most importantly the passion to create the best and safest system that features:

  • Longest runtime & life
  • Fastest recharge times
  • Eliminates nuisances, noise, smell and vibration of a generator

The most compelling benefit is the liberty and assurance it offers RVers to enjoy dry camping adventures without worrying about batteries or power.

The Most Advanced
Lithium Ion System for RVs

Coachmen RV is now offering the innovative FREEDOM eGEN Lithium Ion Power System as an option on its select Class B motorhomes. The innovative system eliminates a generator altogether.

Nick Recchio, general manager of Class B division at Forest River talks about the freedom and confidence this new system offers to RVers in videos below: