Power Inverter

XPower Micro Inverter

175 Watts - 120 Vac / 60 Hz

XPower digital inverters convert vehicle battery’s 12-volt DC power into 120-volt AC power to operate entertainment systems, handheld games, TVs, computers, printers and more. Featuring interactive LED display, XPower digital inverters provide instant feedback on input current and output voltage.

The ideal mobile office companion from Xantrex, XPower Micro Inverter 175 is the smallest 175-watt power inverter on the market today. It incorporates high-frequency technology to convert power from a vehicle's battery (12-volt DC) into standard utility power (115-volt AC, 60 Hz). By plugging the XPower Micro Inverter 175 into a vehicle's lighter socket, users can conveniently recharge and run electronic devices such as cell phones, camcorders, laptop computers, PDAs, 13" TV/VCRs and computer games - without the need for multiple adaptors.

Product features
  • Converts 12 VDC power from vehicle battery into 115 VAC power
  • Three-prong AC outlet to handle all chargers and adapters for mobile electronics: cellular telephones, laptop computers, camcorders, game consoles and 13" TV/VCRs
  • LED indicator notification of power availability
  • Stylish plastic case with molded-in car lighter connector
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One year warranty
Protection features
  • Over-temperature shutdown
  • Low battery voltage shutdown (10.5 VDC and automatic reset)
  • High battery voltage shut down (15.5 VAC and automatic reset)
  • Overload shutdown
  • Internal fuse 25 A
Check back later for more information.
Check back later for more information.
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