An Intro to Boondocking with Lithium Batteries

What is Boondocking?

If you follow different outdoor enthusiasts, RVer or Van lifer, you may have heard of the term boondocking, the practice of camping in remote, undeveloped areas without hookups or connections to public utilities like water, electricity, or sewer. Boondocking can be a liberating experience, offering a sense of independence, freedom, and adventure for those who want to make the most of their outing trips. One of the most significant advantages of boondocking is that it allows you to camp in beautiful and remote locations without needing to make reservations, pay for a spot, or worry about overcrowding. However, those who desire to go boondocking will need to be aware of the challenges it comes with, especially when it comes to power supply.

Lithium Batteries for Boondocking

Thankfully there are lithium batteries! Recent advances in lithium batteries are making it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to go boondocking as it offers their RV or camper van a power source that is reliable, efficient, and long-lasting. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are lightweight, compact, and can provide as much as twice the power within the same footprint. (When you’re living off grid in a small van, every inch of space matters!) Unlike having a generator, they are also safer and more eco-friendly, with no toxic materials or gas emissions.

 One of the biggest advantages of lithium batteries is their ability to deep cycle, which means you can use a battery to a low level without damaging them. Conventional lead acid batteries only allow you to discharge up to 50% and with a high frequency of charge drain cycling, you may have to replace them after a few hundred cycles. This is not the case with lithium batteries as it allows you to cycle deep and cycle 10 times more meaning you won’t have to switch it out for some time.

 Another advantage of lithium batteries is their fast charging and discharging rate, which means you can recharge them quickly and use them for longer periods. This is especially useful for boondocking with solar panels, where you want to fully charge up your batteries before the sun goes down. This flexibility and versatility make lithium batteries a smart investment for anyone who desires to go boondocking or off-grid camping.

Choose High Quality Lithium Batteries with Xantrex

At Xantrex, we specialize in providing high-quality lithium battery solutions for RVs, campers, and boats. Our lithium batteries are designed to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and heavy usage, ensuring that you always have enough power for your adventures. We offer a wide range of lithium battery systems, from small and portable to high capacity and large batteries, to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you’re a seasoned boondocker or a beginner, our team of experts can help you find the right lithium battery system for your setup and budget. We offer custom solutions, installation services, and ongoing support through our network of installer partners to ensure that your next outing adventure can be enjoyable with an effective lithium battery system.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to go boondocking, investing in a lithium battery system is a wise decision. Lithium batteries offer numerous benefits over traditional lead-acid batteries, including higher power density, faster charging and discharging, and longer lifespan. With a lithium battery system, you can enjoy the freedom and adventure of boondocking without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Visit our dealer page to see where you can install a lithium battery solution and start your boondocking journey with confidence.

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