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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Freedom eGEN?

The Xantrex FREEDOM eGEN solution provides true sine wave AC and steady DC battery output to power a wide range of onboard electronics and appliances in RVs, boats, heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles, completely eliminating the noise, vibration, smell and nuisance of a generator.

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What does using Freedom eGEN mean to an end-user?

With an exceptional service life of more than 6,000 cycles, the Xantrex FREEDOM eGEN solution brings unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience to mobile environments, providing heating and cooling on demand through existing vents. Fully self-recharging using the engine alternator when underway, shore power when plugged in and solar for a trickle charge, the system is easily configured to support 12-volt, 24-volt and 48-volt DC systems. FREEDOM eGEN saves weight and space while delivering unmatched comfort and convenience.

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What information can you see on the Freedom eGEN screen?

The eGen screen allows you to see if your system is online and what your collective state of charge is for your system. It allows you to verify that everything is working properly. If a fault does occur, the screen will show a red circle in the left corner. You can clear the fault by pressing the F1 key on the screen.

What does Freedom eGEN do for you?

Fully integrated with the vehicle’s engine and electrical system to provide stable, reliable AC and DC power on demand, FREEDOM eGEN enables completely automatic climate control around the clock by powering heaters, air conditioners and core hotel loads from multiple sources, including shore power and an onboard lithium-ion battery pack. It can even work with Xantrex solar solutions to further enhance battery run time.

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What are the components of Freedom eGEN?

Freedom eGEN is comprised of:

  • Xantrex eGEN screen:

The eGEN screen allows you to monitor your entire system and utilize different functions, such as turning the batteries and inverters on and off, as well as configuring the battery heating options.

  • Xantrex Smart Batteries:

The heart of the system is the Xantrex smart lithium batteries that talk to the rest of the system and store power to be used later when the RV is not connected to shore power.

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  • Xantrex Freedom XC Pro 3000W Inverter:

The XC Pro Inverter allows you to use the power you stored in the batteries to run household appliances while boondocking.

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What if there is an issue and my batteries aren’t charging?

If the batteries are not charging, verify that you are connected to shore power and that the main on/off switch is turned to “ON”

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