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A lot of industries are going through tough economic times and the trucking industry is no exception. Fleet and operations managers are under extreme pressure to maintain profitability in the wake of escalating fuel prices. The prices can only be expected to go up in the future with depleting fossil fuel stocks. Fuel costs constitute a significant portion of a fleet’s overall operating cost so it is extremely important to operate trucks at optimal fuel efficiency.

Engine idling is inefficient, pollutes air, affects engine life and performance and reduces the fuel efficiency. Drivers idle engines to operate essential electronics and appliances while at rest stops, or while loading or unloading trucks.  Engine idling problem is even more prominent with long haul drivers who are faced with uncertain weather and road conditions. Fleet managers also have to worry about complying with the stringent EPA norms on emissions.


Adding a Xantrex Inverter/Charger System to your fleet allows hotel comforts without idling, transferring these loads to shorepower when available and using this incoming power to charge batteries. This helps to reduce both fuel consumption and engine wear. Xantrex manufactures a range of highly efficient power inverters and inverter/charger combination units that can also be used in conjunction with an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).

The Xantrex Freedom HF1800 Inverter/Charger is offered as factory-installed or aftermarket option with your OEM. 


Calculate your ROI at by clicking “Launch ROI Calculator” and also estimate your savings over a truck or fleet’s service life.

Fleet managers can reap handsome rewards in form of enhanced fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased bottom $$$ in the long run. All of this with a small initial investment!

Xantrex strongly recommends OEM installed inverter option to ensure that the fleet is equipped with properly installed and sized power system. This is extremely important for the longevity of onboard electronics/appliances and battery system. All leading truck brands offer Xantrex power inverter option.