Install Xantrex

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Step 1:

Calculate your costs Cost of Idling per Hour
Cost of Diesel Fuel
(per gallon)
Averge Class 8 Truck
Idling Consumption (gallon/hr)
Number of Idling Hours per Year
Average number of
Idling Hours per Day
Number of Days in
Service per Week
52 Number of
Weeks per Year
Cost of Idling
per Year per Truck
$ $0.00 
Cost of Xantrex Power Inverter including installation* $1,500.00

Based on installing a Xantrex Freedom HF 1800 (PN 806-1840) Inverter/Charger, MSRP: US$ 599.99
MSRP subject to change without notice. Some dealers may sell for less. Installation cost will vary depending on the
type, size and electrical system of your truck and other variables such as parts and labor.

Approximate Number of Years
of Service per Truck
Number of Trucks
in your Fleet
Step 2: