Emergency Vehicles

Xantrex manufactures a select group of mobile power products including inverters, inverter/chargers, battery chargers and portable backup power products for emergency vehicles. Our products are suitable for ambulances, fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Please click here to learn more about our emergency vehicle power solutions.

In this illustration, a Xantrex inverter is installed in an ambulance to supply constant power to sensitive medical equipment when the vehicle is in transit. Our inverters draw power either from the starting battery or an auxiliary battery bank. Several built-in protection features ensure that loads connected to the inverter do not damage the battery or drop the voltage too low.

Depending on the configuration, batteries are recharged either by the vehicle’s alternator, or by plugging in to utility power after returning to station.

Ideal for EMS applications, Xantrex products are smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than most onboard power products in the market today. They meet stringent UL and KKK-A-1822 regulatory requirements.

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