QuestionReasonSolution/Try this
1Why can’t I see my battery on the Xantrex App?a. The battery has been overly discharged and has turned off
b. You are using the wrong App
c. Bluetooth is not enabled on your phone
d. The battery is too far away and out of the Bluetooth range
a. Charge and turn on the battery
b. Install and try the correct Xantrex App for the battery
c. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device
d. Get close to the battery and retry  
2Why is my battery not connecting to the Xantrex App?See above 
3Why the Xantrex App is unable to find the battery?See above 
4Battery is not charging to 100%Charge source is not getting high enough voltage to reset the State of Charge (SoC) to 100%. Solar Charge Controllers, Alternators and some 3rd party chargers may not fully charge the batteriesPerform a full charge with a Xantrex charger (Freedom XC, Freedom FSW) that is set to the LFP battery type
5Battery is fully charged, but it shows a lower SoCSee above 
6Battery SoC RED error LED blinkingMultiple reasons depending on which Green LEDs are blinking with the RED LEDUse the Xantrex App to determine exactly which fault is occurring and then act accordingly. Refer to User Manual for more information on each of the fault descriptions and solutions
7What are the Best Practices for battery maintenanceNADo not leave battery discharged for long periods of time. If not using it for long periods of time, fully charge it and follow the Long Duration storage guidelines per the User Manual
8Why can’t I combine lithium batteries and batteries with other chemistries?Combining batteries with different chemistries will affect the battery performance and may reduce the duty cyclesCombining batteries with different chemistries is not recommended, even if they are at the same voltage
9How fast can I charge my battery?Faster charge rate will heat up the battery and reduce number of cyclesRecommended and Maximum charge current are specified for each battery model in the User Manual
FAQ Table for Xantrex Lithium Solutions

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