Xantrex Offers Automatic Climate Control Through FREEDOM eGEN Max!

Burnaby, BC, Thursday, April 15, 2021

Burnaby, BC, Canada – Apr 15, 2021 – Xantrex a subsidiary of Mission Critical Electronics and the global leader of mobile power for RV, marine, and specialty vehicles, launches the new FREEDOM eGEN Max, an enhanced and advanced version of the popular FREEDOM eGEN system, that offers the ultimate hybrid solution for any RV when parked for a relaxing off-grid experience.

The FREEDOM eGEN Max integrates with the RV’s engine and electrical system to automatically charge the battery and provide optimal climate control simultaneously, without worry. The seamless integration technology eliminates manual power control monitoring and the use of cumbersome generators. One of the most significant innovations is heating and air conditioning through any of the RV’s factory vents.

Another benefit of having integrated climate control is the potential elimination of an additional air conditioner unit on the RV roof. Without multiple air condition units needed for cooling it frees up space for additional renewable power solutions such as solar, enhancing the battery life.

Perfect for RVers going on journeys and adventures, FREEDOM eGEN Max operates behind the scenes. The built-in system will automatically turn on and off the engine to optimally charge the battery. RVers can enjoy a peaceful extended off grid experience with ease without the dependance of shore power while significantly reducing engine idle and fuel consumption. The on-demand power is a huge benefit with the growing need for power and popularity of off-road traveling.

“Xantrex is building on the success of their revolutionary FREEDOM eGEN Lithium-ion power system which has become a benchmark for energy storage and power. The FREEDOM eGEN Max is a step above the standard,” said John Kalbfleisch, General Manager and Vice President of Xantrex. “Customers are evolving and thinking more about sustainability and living more efficiently in their RV’s. We are keeping up with or even ahead of times and changing preferences.  One RV user of the Freedom eGen Max recently stated that the system enables him to go off-grid for months and has completely changed his mobile ecosystem”.

Xantrex continues to bring advance and innovative mobile power solutions to meet the demand of our customers and the evolutionary changes in the industry. To learn more about Xantrex and the FREEDOM eGEN Max please visit www.xantrex.com

About Xantrex

Xantrex, a Mission Critical Electronics brand, is one of the most successful and popular brands of onboard AC power technology. Xantrex products are used in a variety of applications in the RV, marine, military, construction, emergency medical services, bus, work service vehicle and commercial truck markets. Xantrex pioneered the development of power inverters and battery chargers in the early 90s and has since created many category-defining solutions in various markets. Xantrex ensures its products undergo extensive reliability testing and certifies its products to comply with various regulatory standards to meet or exceed the applicable requirements for safety, quality, efficiency and environment. With over 40 years of design, engineering and manufacturing experience, Xantrex power solutions offer an enviable mix of advanced technology and unmatched dependability. For more information, please visit www.xantrex.com

About Mission Critical Electronics (MCE)

Headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, Mission Critical Electronics provides specialized products for critical systems in a wide variety of applications operating under the leading brands Kussmaul Electronics, Newmar Power, ASEA Power Systems, Power Products and American Battery Charging. These brands have been built on the strength of their team and their ability to connect with customers. MCE takes great pride in translating their customers’ needs into the highest quality products and solutions available in the markets it serves. MCE delivers those products and solutions with unmatched level of responsiveness.


Media Contact

Mitul Chandrani, Director of Marketing at Xantrex and Mission Critical Electronics



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