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What do you call a mash-up of a commercial truck, a commercial bus, and a hotel room that can offer the most relaxing “hard work” on the open road? Well, that would be an RV. What other vehicle allows you to take your home away from home and put it wherever the sun sets? Whether you prefer the small lightweight popup that your daily driver pulls with ease or the gargantuan diesel pusher with granite counter-tops and surround sound entertainment - the most important parts are rarely seen in normal use.

If there’s one thing all RVers can agree on, it’s that electrical supply should be there when they need it, whether they’re dry camping in a national park, sitting in a pedicured campground, or taking a quick overnight in the parking lot of a national department store.

When it comes to electrical power, RVers need reliable devices that work easily - exactly when they should. Let’s face it, they’ve got more to think about than whether their electrical system is working: like taking the perfect panoramic shot, fishing, hiking, or watching the game highlights in the parking lot of their favorite sports arena.

In the RV industry, Xantrex makes the most reliable, cleanest, and longest lasting inverters available. Heck, we’ve been doing it for more than 30 years. This is what RVers have come to expect. And Xantrex delivers.

Our simple stand-alone inverters, and the Freedom line of inverter/chargers have set the bar high for the demanding RV market, and we will continue to raise the bar higher with fully featured networked systems that anticipate usage and route power to where the demand is…automatically. This is smart power, in a mobile package.

Take the family, point to a spot on a map, and have a great time. While we have no control over the weather, we do make components for your electrical system. It might rain, but let’s make the best of it…at least there’s a game on TV tonight.

Xantrex provides mobile power solutions for all types and classes of both motorized and towable recreational vehicles. Xantrex products provide clean, quiet AC power so you don’t have to constantly rely on shore power or a noisy generator to enjoy the comforts of home in your RV.

This illustration depicts a sample electrical system for a Class ‘A’ motorhome where part of the electrical system is powered by a Xantrex inverter/charger.


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  • power inverter

    Power Inverters

    Xantrex inverters convert DC power stored in batteries into clean, quiet, household AC power to operate electronics and appliances.
  • rv inverter/charger


    A complete power system comprising of an inverter, battery charger and a transfer switch in one package.
  • truecharge battery chargers

    Battery Chargers

    Our compact and light weight battery chargers are micro-processor controlled for fast and accurate charging of vehicle and boat batteries.
  • power accessories

    Power Accessories

    We manufacture a wide range of accessories to complement our product lines.
  • portable backup power

    Backup Power

    Xantrex backup power products provide household AC power to operate electronic equipment when electric utility power is not available.