Why Solar for RV Life?

Class B Motorhome RV and the Scenic Sea Front Sunset. Road Trip Camping. Recreation Vehicle Theme.

If you’ve ever spent the night in a public campground, you probably had the following experience. 

You pull into your campsite, recognizing the novelty of adventure, the great outdoors, and the little pocket of simplicity meant to be your retreat from the world for the evening (or longer). You begin to make camp (whatever that looks like for you) and settle in. You uncover your cooler, crack open a cold one, unfold your camp chair, and then you hear it—the dreaded generator.

That invasive sound is the aural opposite of your goal. It’s a reminder of what you came here to escape. It is neither peaceful nor natural.

Enter solar. Solar offers all the benefits of the “traditional” generator route—but without the fuss. You don’t have to change the oil on your solar system. Your solar system will never startle wildlife or annoy your neighbors. Your solar system does not require ongoing maintenance costs to keep it going. You don’t have to “refill” your solar system. Solar is a set-it-and-forget-it solution for all your power needs while out on the road.

Cozy lighting, charging for personal electronics, paddleboard pumping, refrigerator cooling, blender powering, coffee grinding—any of the small electric luxuries you want with you on your adventure, solar powers them all. Working from the road? Your solar setup can power your Starlink or hotspot, laptop, cameras, and any other tech needs that keep you creating and collaborating.

Wherever your journey takes you, your RV solar panels independently does its job as your silent road trip companion. As you wind through mountain passes, take in desert canyon vistas, or enjoy the sea breeze on a coastal highway, your solar system is effortlessly recharging, storing, and powering the modern creature comforts within your home on wheels.

Our lightweight, adaptable, intelligently designed systems are engineered to make the journey the focus, with no hold ups or setbacks for upkeep. The main components for your solar system will vary somewhat depending on your needs, and these necessary elements are compact, quiet, and efficient enough that you may even forget they’re on board.

Your panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, your lithium battery stores that sun power, your RV inverter converts some or all of that energy to power your priorities, and your charge controller lets you know how all of these elements are performing their jobs.

Whether you are a savvy DIYer or a solar enthusiast (but not executor), our team will help you find the right combination of features and functions for your needs. Do you have limited roof space? A unique panel mounting situation? Reluctant to give up internal “real estate” for battery space? Whatever questions you have, we have the answers.

We can custom-tailor a system ready for home driveway installation to your rig of choice, or we can connect you with the right folks to get your system installed, operational, and road-ready while you focus on your destination wish list.

Wherever the road takes you, our solar systems are along for your adventure.

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