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Seamless Integration

The Freedom XC inverter/charger offers premium performance in a lightweight compact package. It cranks out full output in invert or charge mode from -4°F – 104°F (-20°C – 40°C) for operation in all climate temperatures. The extended surge rating of the Freedom XC makes it ideal to start difficult loads including fridge and microwave. The quick connect terminals at AC IN/OUT make installation a breeze.


  • H.A.L.T
  • CE Marking, Low Voltage Directive Compliant (Marine installations, drip shield, 808-1050)
  • CE Marking, EMC Directive and Automotive EMC – Regulation 10 R-06 Compliant
  • CE Marking, RoHS Directive Compliant


  • Recreation Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Marine
  • Work Trucks
  • Speciality/Emergency Vehicles

Available in:

  • FREEDOM XC 2000 230V
    PN: 817-2080-12

Pair with FREEDOM X Combox for RV-C or NMEA2000 connectivity

The FREEDOM X Combox connects the FREEDOM X and XC families of inverter/chargers to an RV-C or NMEA2000 bus to support seamless integration with third party monitoring and control systems.

Monitor & Configure Via Xantrex FXC Control App

Monitor and configure your Freedom X inverter using the optional Bluetooth remote panel (# 808-0817-02).

Charge Dead Batteries

Ability to charge dead batteries, even if the battery voltage is 0Vdc.


  • Full rated performance in all climate temperatures

  • Charge dead batteries down to 0V

  • Charge lithium ion batteries

  • Monitor and configure via Bluetooth app on iOS and Android

What Can Be Powered

FREEDOM XC 2000 230V

  • Blender

  • Laptop

  • TV

  • Fridge

  • Microwave

  • Iron

  • Coffee Maker


FREEDOM XC 2000 230V

Electrical Specifications – Inverter

FREEDOM XC 2000 230V
AC Output Operating Voltage Options
Continuous Output Power
Continuous Power 2000 W @40ºC True sine wave (TSW)
Continuous AC Output Current
8.7 A
Surge Power
4000 W (> 2 sec)
Frequency (Configurable)
50 or 60 Hz
DC Nominal Current at Full Load
192 Adc
Peak Efficiency
Full Load Efficiency
> 90%

Electrical Specifications – Battery Charger

FREEDOM XC 2000 230V
Min Battery Voltage for Charging
0.0 Vdc
Max DC Output Voltage
17.0 Vdc (custom battery type)
Selectable DC Output Current
User Selectable: 5 – 80 A
Full Load Max AC Input Current (Charging
5.6 A
Operating Input AC Pass-Through Voltage Range
Safe Non-Operating Input AC Voltage Range
Up to 300V
Power Factor at Full Charge Rate
> 98%

General Specifications

FREEDOM XC 2000 230V
Operating Temperature Range
-20 to 60 ºC, with output derated above 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range
-40 to 70 ºC
Operating Humidity Range
5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Transfer Relay AC Current Rating
30 A , 24 A continous
DC Input Operating voltage range
10.0 – 17.0 VDC
DC Input Max Non-Operating Voltage
25.2 Vdc
DC Input/Output Nominal Voltage (inverting/Charging) 1
12.0 Vdc
Part Number
L x W x H (without flanges)
390 mm x 305 mm x 102 mm
L x W x H (with flanges)
390 mm x 305 mm x 102 mm
Net Weight
7.5 kgs


Part number
Freedom X/ XC remote panel with 25′ Cable
Communication cable 25 ft
Communication cable 50 ft

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